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Over 40 years experience in design and application of various flow & pressure measurement technologies.

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Flow Meters

SmartMeasurement provides solutions for flow measurement applications utilizing virtually every technology available today. Whether your application calls for liquid, steam, or gas flow measurement, non-invasive measurement, or high pressure operation, SMC offers a solution.

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Pressure Transmitters

SmartMeasurement offers a complete line of pressure transmitters suitable for measuring gauge pressure, differential pressure, absolute pressure, and liquid level. Contact one of our engineers today to discuss a solution tailored to your pressure measurement application.

Calculators And Utlities

Calculators & Utilities

This easy-to-use, free technical reference from SmartMeasurement allows users of flowmeters to easily determine fluid velocities, Reynolds Numbers, fluids' electrical conductivities and perform actual-to-normalized conversions for compressed gas flows.

About Us

Our commitment is to utmost quality and affordability

SmartMeasurement is a leading manufacturer of flow meters, with over 25 years’ experience in design and application of various flow technologies. Unlike most manufacturers, who specialize in only one or two flow measurement technologies, SmartMeasurement provides an unbiased user-friendly procuring mechanism for you to analyze, select, and match the “best-fit” flow meter from our wide array of flow technologies in order to meet your specific application requirements. 

The range of flow measurement technologies offered by SmartMeasurement includes devices that ultrasonic, electromagnetic, Coriolis, variable area, differential pressure, vortex, axial turbine, and positive displacement measuring techniques. With this full array of technologies, virtually any flow measurement application can be accommodated regardless of pressure, temperature, viscosity, density, media phase, chemical composition, or solids count & content.

SmartMeasurement’s customers have access to 24/7 assistance from one of our global regional offices or one of our 100’s of authorized agents located world-wide.

Smart Solutions For Factory Automation

There are a myriad of industrial processes found in a manufacturing setting that can involve liquid, compressed gas, or steam flow. Hydraulic oil flow in a hydraulic press, coolant flow to a critical piece of machinery, natural gas flow to a burner or heater, lubrication flow to a bearing, and chemical injection / dosing are but a few examples. Advances in industrial automation have driven the need for more intelligent and more high-precision fluid measurement. To meet this need, SmartMeasurement offers the widest variety of flow and pressure measurement technologies in industry. For applications where precision mass flow measurement is required, our ALCM Series Coriolis meters and ATMF Series thermal mass flowmeters provide high accuracy measurement for both liquids and compressed gasses.

For water applications, our ALMAG Series electromagnetic flowmeters and ALSONIC Series ultrasonic flow meters provide value with maintenance-free no-moving-parts designs that can accommodate line sizes ranging from ¼” through 240”. For steam flows, our ALVT Series vortex flowmeters provide a low-cost, reliable solution. For legacy replacement of older technology mechanical meters, our ALTM Series turbine flow meters, ALPD Series positive displacement flowmeters, and ALVAMT variable area flowmeters are offered. For ultra-low flow batching and dosing applications, the ALMAG-MN is offered for non-viscous conductive fluids while the ALMGPD positive displacement gear meter is suited to more viscous fluids.

Flow & Energy Meters For The Building Automation Industries

Energy/BTU measuring systems provide a number of advantages to property owners including reduced utility costs, the ability to capture and measure energy costs that are not captured by residential electrical meters, and increased property value. BTU measuring systems are also an effective tool for lowering greenhouse gas emissions. These benefits and advantages are multiplied in large residential apartment and condo buildings or institutional buildings such as a hospital. SmartMeasurement provides a number of metering solutions for building automation applications that allow users to reduce their overall energy costs through increased efficiency. Today, the mechanical BTU or water meters that have been traditionally used for hot water BTU measurement applications are being replaced by more accurate and maintenance-free ultrasonic or magnetic flow metering devices. SmartMeasurementTM provides smart solutions in these categories with offerings that include the ALSONIC-EG and ALSONIC-BAEG ultrasonic BTU flowmeters and the ALMAG-EG electromagnetic BTU meter. Our ALSONIC-BAWM ultrasonic flowmeter is available for potable cold water measurement. All of our BTU and potable water flowmeters are offered with a full array industry-standard outputs including 4-20 mA, pulse, M-Bus, Modbus, Profibus, and BACNet which can be used in conjunction with AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) and BMS (Billing Management Systems).

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Industries We Serve

Building Automation Photo By Science In Hd On Unsplash

Building Automation

Typical flow metering applications include sub-metering to individual rooms/apartments, verification of utility billing meters, and monitoring energy efficiency.

Chemical Processingplant Image By Christian Supik (Fotografie) + Manuela Pleier (Design) From Pixabay


Dosing, mixing, and batching applications which may sometimes involve aggressive or corrosive fluids are common chemical industry applications for flow meters.

Evan Dvorkin Unsplash Foodandbeverage

Food & Beverage

Food & beverage applications typically require sanitary flowmeters, which have special considerations for the flow meter’s process connections and materials of construction. 

Power Plant Image By Benita Welter From Pixabay

Power And Utilities

       Flow meters see a variety of uses in power & utility applications including monitoring cooling water flow, natural gas consumption and steam usage.

Marine Image By Thanasis Papazacharias From Pixabay


Custody transfer, fuel flow monitoring, hydraulic circuit performance, and ballast water flow monitoring are among the flow meter applications found in the marine sector. 

Metals&Amp;Mining Steelf Actory Image By Graeph From Pixabay

Metals & Mining

In the mining industry, flow meters may be used to monitor abrasive mining slurry flows, coolant and lubrication flows, and the flow of processing chemicals.

Industrial Oil Refinery Images By Skeeze From Pixabay

Oil & Gas

Coriolis, turbine, positive displacement and thermal mass flowmeters are widely used in the oil & gas industry for applications such as custody transfer and well output monitoring.

Pharmaceutical Photo By Karolina Grabowska From Pexels


Pharmaceutical applications, such as  ingredient batching and monitoring of process liquids & gasses, require high accuracy flow meters with special hygienic considerations.

Treatment Plant Wastewater Image By Michal Jarmoluk From Pixabay

Water & Wastewater

Ultrasonic flowmeters and electromagnetic flowmeters are commonly seen in wastewater plants and are used for monitoring both treated & untreated water flows.

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